Arch Linux Drops 32 Bit Support

Due to the decreasing popularity of i686 among the developers and the community, we have decided to phase out the support of this architecture.

The decision means that February ISO will be the last that allows to install 32 bit Arch Linux. The next 9 months are deprecation period, during which i686 will be still receiving upgraded packages. Starting from November 2017, packaging and repository tools will no longer require that from maintainers, effectively making i686 unsupported.

However, as there is still some interest in keeping i686 alive, we would like to encourage the community to make it happen with our guidance. The arch-ports mailing list and #archlinux-ports IRC channel on Freenode will be used for further coordination.

The [multilib] repository will not be affected by this change.


This will also affect MorpheusArch linux since Arch Linux, is used as the baseline or the foundation to build off.

Photorec and testdisk will likely continue to have 32 bit packages available and remain unchanged. They are even built for ARM architecture now.

The current version of MorpheusArch Linux will be left on sourceforge as a 32 bit version for those wishing to use it on a 32 bit system. It will remain intended to be used for data recovery purposes only you will not be able to install it and expect long term support of 32 bit packages. This will be called the legacy branch.

The good news is that future versions of MorpheusArch linux will be even smaller in filesize since they will no longer have 32 bit packages. With less and less people using 32 bit systems each year it was inevitable that this was going to happen.

It also means that with the reduction in filesize its possible MorpheusArch linux could even have a GUI soon while still keeping under 1GB in filesize.

Something like LXDE or XFCE.

So as of now this remains the last release of MorpheusArch Linux to feature 32bit support. And is still available to download here.

5 Reasons To Use MorpheusArch Linux For Data Recovery

  1. You can recover any type of data: Thanks to the photorec and the testdisk packages that come installed on MorpheusArch Linux by default it can recover over 400+ file formats click here to see the formats supported.
  2. MorpheusArch Linux doesn’t stop there it can also be called a DFTT (Digital Forensics Tool Testing Image) due to its ISO9660 compliance. Click here for further information
  3. Don’t need to download anything: MorpheusArch Linux can achieve all of this without a network connection. The packages are already installed and contain a stable snapshot of all the software packages. Right down to the linux kernel itself.
  4. Cost effective solution for SME and above: It is released for free here.
  5. Anti-Virus Solution: There is a script that installs ClamAV on MorpheusArch Linux which can be found here. Although it also works on Fedora and Debian based systems also.