5 Reasons To Use MorpheusArch Linux For Data Recovery

  1. You can recover any type of data: Thanks to the photorec and the testdisk packages that come installed on MorpheusArch Linux by default it can recover over 400+ file formats click here to see the formats supported.
  2. MorpheusArch Linux doesn’t stop there it can also be called a DFTT (Digital Forensics Tool Testing Image) due to its ISO9660 compliance. Click here for further information
  3. Don’t need to download anything: MorpheusArch Linux can achieve all of this without a network connection. The packages are already installed and contain a stable snapshot of all the software packages. Right down to the linux kernel itself.
  4. Cost effective solution for SME and above: It is released for free here.
  5. Anti-Virus Solution: There is a script that installs ClamAV on MorpheusArch Linux which can be found here. Although it also works on Fedora and Debian based systems also.

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